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About Circuit7®

Add the beginner or advanced routine to your workout schedule to keep yourself interested and to help maintain or achieve your fitness goals. This system is perfect for traveling athletes, business men or vacationers where fitness facilities or time may not be available. Try different Circuit7® DVDs to achieve different results.

Included on every Circuit7® DVD is a Nutritional Information section which provides healthy recipes to help with getting lean. Also, on each DVD there is an educational Quiz related to each targeted Circuit7®. During the workout there is descriptive narration on how to do each exercise. Select individual exercises for a slower instruction of how to accomplish each exercise.

You could do one Circuit7® routine in the morning before work, then another after work. Or you could even do 2 or 3 in a row for a great cardio workout.

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Free Weights Circuit7® DVD with Michelle Jeanpierre

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