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Core Circuit7® with Vanny Vay:


Fitness Competitor

Circuit7 Core is led by professional fitness model and certified personal trainer, Vanny Vay. Follow her through a series of exercises that will improve your core and truly challenge you. Our circuit training enhances both your muscle tone and cardiovascular level.



Beginner Workout

Led by personal trainer, Vanny Vay, this beginner workout includes exercises to get you started to in strengthening your core. Improve your core in this specially designed 7-minute circuit. Strengthen your mid-region, improve your balance and posture.

Intermediate Workout

Bring your core workout up to the next level. Vanny Vay increases the level of difficulty, targeting your mid-region while improving your cardiovascular level. Using an exercise ball and mat, you’ll progress through a wide range exercises that utilizes the core muscles in different ways. This trains the muscles in varying techniques, so that they are stronger and less less prone to injury.

Advanced Workout

In our advanced core training circuit, push yourself to the limit. Increased difficulty and speed of exercises will test your strength in this advanced core workout. This intense workout will tone and strengthen your core for your desired results. Our challenging exercises will target the mid-region and bring your fitness to a higher level. Put yourself to the test with a diverse set of exercises giving you a large range of motions using the exercise ball and mat. Use this workout to keep you on your toes and challenge your focus, endurance, and fitness level. Take your core muscles to the best shape they’ve ever been in; improve strength, posture, and stability. Recommended for advanced users.

Ab Burner Circuit

Serious about strengthening your core and achieving the ideal abs? Combining the best of cardiovascular and muscle toning exercises, the Ab Burner circuit will define abs and flatten the mid-region. Through a series of challenging exercises, Vanny Vay, keeps you motivated, while targeting the abs, obliques, and core. Each exercise focuses on the various abdominal muscles and works them in different facets for a comprehensive workout.

Advanced Ball

Darren Shane, personal fitness trainer, leads this inspiring and challenging circuit designed to work your core and improve your balance. Using the exercise ball for each core exercise, the Advanced Ball circuit targets your abs, lower back, and pelvis. The exercise ball is a great tool to enhance balance and focus as you actively use your muscles to stabilize. Each successive exercise uses the core muscles in different ways, working the muscles harder. It takes full-body strength and concentration. Within weeks, you will begin to feel and see the difference.

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