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The Circuit7® routine is great for everyone, from beginners to elite athletes like Michael McDonald. Depending on your level of fitness, Circuit7® allows you take to take your workout to the next level whenever you are ready. As you get comfortable with the routine, you can challenge yourself for even better results. If you want to burn more fat, try doing the Circuit7® more than once.

Cords are great - something for everyone. DVD is worth the extra few $ because it keeps you focused and helps you see your progress through the bands. "
Jeremie H, New York

“I drive a truck all day, everyday and I sometimes spend up to 14 hours on the road at a time. Whenever I’m feeling tired, or stiff, I pull over and hammer off a Circuit7® and I’m back up, ripped and reenergized in just 7 minutes. It’s brilliant.”
– Henry Dimant, Chicago

“I have tried everything, including fancy gyms and personal trainers and never have I seen results like I’m getting with the Ripcords®. I lost over 40 pounds on the Circuit7® and feel like a giddy little school girl again with my new tight pants.”
– Yvette Lismond, Florida

“It used to take me 2 or 3 cups of coffee in the morning before I could even think about anything. Now, I just wake up, do a Circuit7®, and my day is off and running. Not to mention the looks I’ve started getting at the office, with my new body!”
– Barbara Bird, Kelowna

"This is a great athletic circuit training DVD. I would recommend this video to those who are training for sports. This workout is fast paced and gives you muscular endurance and cardio."
- Jason C. Phillips, Toronto

Free Weights Circuit7® DVD with Michelle Jeanpierre

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